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Powerboat safety

According to the MPS rules, one of the main goals of the yacht club is to promote seamanship and boating safety. To meet these goals, MPS has qualified instructors who teach practical courses of the Finnish Sailing and Boating Federation, and theoretical navigation courses of the Finnish Navigation association. MPS also has a group of qualified boat inspectors who conduct voluntary boat safety inspections according to the SPV (Finnish Boating and Sailing Federation) inspection program.

The owner/Skipper of the boat must make sure the boat is in safe condition, every time when leaving the home dock. The equipment needed depends on the boating area and the length of the trip.

When making a short trip on sheltered waters, the minimum equipment required by law may be enough. But when making a longer trip, outside home waters, one must have adequate equipment and skills for boating in nighttime or in bad weather conditions.

The minimum equipment list according to the law:

(Water Traffic Act, 782/2019)

Life Jacket for each person onboard.

All powerboats (and sailboats over 5 meters of length) must also have:

  • Oars and/or Anchor, with Anchor rode
  • Bailing equipment
  • Boats with inboard engine, or outboard engine over 25 kW, or a cooking stove must also have a fire extinguisher (mimimum 8A 68B).

Boat Inspection

The best way to ensure the safety of the boat and equipment is to have the boat inspected every year. Our trained inspectors are happy to assist and answer your questions about boat equipment and safety. The annual inspection is also requirement for having the boat in MPS boat registry, having the right to use the MPS burgee or ensign, and for having the right to use MPS harbours. Many Finnish insurance companies also give discount, if the boat is inspected every year.

Boat inspections (fi)

Contact info for Boat inspectors